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how to FIX flashdisk corrupt

how to fix flash disk corrupt | simple troubleshooting
Maybe we never experienced a problem whose name is corrupted, ie when copying files to the flash drive or hard drive suddenly appear even corrupted files, Well the time to look into a flash drive or hard drive folder we even exist in our folder filled by files or folders weird and when we try to delete it might not be
how to fix flash disk corrupt
how to fix flash disk corrupt
but do not worry this is no easy way to fix it (if flash is not really broken)
1. Click Start> Run> and typing cmd
2. then you will see a popup command prommpt, then agan enter the code below:
chkdsk g: / f

> G: [./ is the path / directory flash disk]
>. / F [./ Fixes errors on the disk]
-------- Wait until the process is running, if successful will appear command and typing [y]
Convert folder to file?
 If the process is successful up to 100% then we just delete the file / folder was corrupted.

I hope these tips can help in dealing with the problems above but if not please contact me for other tips

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