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Check And Fix Broken Link

How to Check Broken Link url blog and Fix it
The link is broken is not good if it is maintained in the blog. Because it can affect the SEO. Therefore we must routinely Check Broken Links in Blog on a regular basis a minimum of 1 week. We may charge a broken link in artkel which we write as well as comments from visitors
Then how can we know the way that the link is broken and fix it? on the internet there is one site that provides free tools that can be used to check for broken links is easy, fast, and quite accurate results. I mean the site is a site Free Broken Link Checker

To do check the link is broken, it is very easy. You just enter the url of your website blog address in the column that has been provided on the site and fill out the captcha code. Then broken links can be found easily and quickly.
1. Please visit the site http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/
2. enter the url address of your blog website on columns that have been provided. After that, please click the Find button Broken Link.
check broken link - infonikasi.com

3. fill the captcha code or verification code
4. Thus, the result will be as below. That is found there are a lot of broken links. To repair the broken link, please click on the SRC in New Tab.
5. on my blog no broken links so there is no result
but if there is a broken link then it will muncil result and you immediately improve the edit link above or may remove
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